Let us help you achieve your fitness goals with our 3D Body Scanner.

What is it?

Our 3D Body Scanner (Styku) is a revolutionary 3D scanning machine that can help you set your fitness goals, track your weight loss journey and help you feel great by decreasing potential health risks.

What does it do?

It creates a 3D replica of your body by rotating while an infrared scanner takes your weigh, calculates your BMI and takes measurements of every inch of your body. The results are 76% more accurate than an expert tailor. All this, whilst identifying potential health risks. The Styku 3D Body Scanner can predict body fat to DEXA scan standards.

How can it help you?

It can:

  • Identify your lean mass to fat mass ratio

  • Identify postural abnormalities

  • Identify changes in your body volume/surface area and circumferences   

Using this data, we can then identify what fitness goals are most appropriate for you, giving you benchmarks and helping set realistic goals to help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


How much does a scan cost?

Please note that scan packs must be used within 12 months of purchase.

What do I receive within the price?

  • Full 3D body scan completed within 30 seconds

  • 13 page report emailed to you following your scan

  • Our expert on hand to go through your scan results with you and help you set goals

Corporate* - (From £250 hire for 1 hour - guaranteed minimum 10 scans)

Help set your workforce on the path to a healthier lifestyle and book our 3D body scanner and expert to visit your place of work for a day or half a day.

Our 3D body scanner is 100% mobile, therefore we can come to you.

Please contact us directly for costs and we can check that your venue is suitable for us to carry out the scans on site.

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