Achieve your  health and fitness goals with a


Urban Fit Company provide a revolutionary 3D body scanning machine that can help you set your fitness goals, track your body as it changes shape on your  journey to a healthy self


A simple Non-Invasive procedure of standing on a rotating platform being scanned for 35-40 seconds creates a detailed 3D model of your body which then predicts many aspects of body composition with medical grade accuracy

Do you need help to lose body fat, shift pounds and improve physique? A 3D scan will provide a detailed report identifying....


  • Body Composition (body fat %, visceral fat, bone mass and more)

  • Body Circumferences, Volume/Surface ares and more

  • Inch/Cm loss goals for reduced risk of disease

  • Fitness and Caloric Goals

  • Postural Abnormalities 

  • A tailored plan from your scan data is then designed to help you achieve your goals and then just keep track on your progress with comparison scans

Whether you are training for a competition, looking to improve your fitness or working your way back to health, the Styku 3D Scanner at Urban Fit Company can help you achieve your very best self

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