Enjoy a bit of everything in these classes done at a lower intensity but for a longer duration to make general strength and fitness gains to suit all levels… Choose your own pace at these classes, go hard and fast or slow and steady but either way you will have worked every muscle group and feel like you’ve left everything in the gym


Same as Urban FitCamp except enjoy working and sweating like a maniac in the dark environment under the disco lights with the latest and old school dance tunes blaring to keep you super motivated and bouncing throughout the session!.... A great experience for all levels!


Make use of 30 minute functional express classes with a quick warm up and straight into a simple intense conditioning circuit that will kick your ass so quickly bringing such awesome results that you will be back for more!.... We often use the same equipment as Strength-Con classes in this and program routines similar but with high intensity interval conditioning the sole purpose!


Strength & Conditioning functional circuits structured and programmed to build and develop solid movement foundations… Get stuck into a wide variety of strength movements and conditioning drills that will make anyone more athletic bringing fitness to a new level. Simplicity and enjoyment is our philosophy here so we mostly stick with good old fashion movements that will improve your strength in the:


Push – Pull – Hinge – Squat – Lunge – Jump – Carry – Rotation


Chuck in slam balls, wall balls, battle ropes, prowlers, tyre flipping, boxes, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, TRX/Rings and anything else lying around!.... combine it all with rowing, ski-erg, air bikes, spin bikes and running we have everything needed to give you an awesome kick ass workout you wont forget!


Push your fitness to the max with our boxing circuit classes. Spend time punching bags or pads then get stuck into the fitness circuits which change regularly before finishing with core work… Ideal for all levels and regular attendance proves to be an awesome fat burner and can push fitness beyond expectations… Ladies only classes now available…


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