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6 Week Body Re-Composition challenge…

Tired of short term challenges where success is driven by total weight loss?

Do you get stuck after a couple of weeks of steady progress, frustrated and often bored?

Do you worry that building muscle will slow your progress and gain weight?

Do you get excited about starting a new health and fitness regime only to realise you can’t sustain what you’re doing, leaving you feeling hopeless?

If you can relate to any of these then this 6-week challenge will provide the support and guidance you need to finally go beyond what you think your limits are, but only if you’re willing to put aside many of the short-term fads and trends that the fitness industry use to grab your attention!

No matter what age or fitness level attaining complete health long term through body re-composition has proven to be an excellent method…

If you’re wondering what body re-composition is exactly its simply focusing on increasing your metabolism through gaining and maintaining muscle and strength to lose body fat and applying appropriate nutrition and lifestyle goals to achieve this… Body re-composition is not a short term fix but more of a long-term successful way to approach your training & nutrition programming perfect for all levels of fitness and age....