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We are an award winning strength and conditioning gym which delivers a wide range of programs targeting all fitness levels and components bringing your strength and fitness to a higher parallel. Whether its general fitness, weight loss or high level performance, you will find a programme to suit you.

Safe and correct technique is priority at Urban Fit Company to make sure you reach your goals in the best possible condition.

We ensure that programmes are delivered by well educated and professional coaches. Our programmes vary offering group fitness classes for beginners and the recreational athlete as well as amateur and professional athletes. 

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When it comes to sport our coaches are educated to Masters level in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Medicine so you can be confident in our ability and desire to help you.
Our team are experienced in working with athletes from many sporting backgrounds helping them gain the edge they need in their performance.
Using a strong emphasis on your sport and individual needs an in depth analyses will enable us to design a periodized program and work one-to-one with you to optimise your results. 
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We have set up our own fully functional mobile App, this is available to all gym members upon joining.

There also the option to download a complimentary nutrition App that works with our gym App to help you set calorie targets and monitor your nutritional goals.

The booking feature ensures we are working within current guidelines, so  that classes are not over subscribed and members are prompted to answer Covid triage questions upon booking. The safety of our staff and members is paramount.