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Urban Fit is a community focused gym offering a wide range of fitness programs to suit all levels… We began in 2016 and continue to grow and evolve incorporating the best on offer in functional fitness…


We understand fitness is not a one size fits all and offer a variety of programs from simple low impact cardio to challenging functional fitness classes to help reach your goals and stay in shape all year round!..

Fitness has to be fun at times but also challenging to push you to achieve and notice changes both physically and mentally and this is what you will get at Urban Fit!... If you’re the competitive type we’ve got you covered through our functional fitness programming or maybe you just want to get in do you’re training fast and simple, then we have plenty of classes and programs for you!...

Anyone looking to increase their capacity to improve performance in any sport activity or just in general for functional fitness we aim to provide the best coaching and programming to do so!

Drop us a message and book a free demo session at any class anytime to find out more and we can chat while you’re in!

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