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about me

I have 15 years of experience working in the fitness industry, which  included coaching 

Professional Athletes to a high level.


My experience and philosophy works well with busy clients, whether they're juggling work, family, injury, or other stresses. 

I currently own two gyms in my local area, both catering to very different client bases.

I am continually progressing my professional and personal development.


Fitness is my passion and I am always open to new ideas and ways of thinking.


Science is ever evolving and I want to put new technologies and practice on offer to my client base. 

My methods come from a blend of experience on with what works and a professional education which includes;


Opex Fitness CCP Coach


MSC  Strength & Conditioning


BSC (Hons) Exercise Science

Premier Training Certified Personal Trainer

Previously Accredited Strength & Conditioning Association

Owner of The Urban Fit Company

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my ONline

Online coaching is very specific to the client and their goals and basically covers everything from programming, nutrition & lifestyle...


The accountability is very high because you'll need to complete workouts, record results, notes and take videos when required...


Furthermore the nutrition and lifestyle components also need to be recorded and monitored...


All this is done via the coach app where we communicate...


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how my coaching works

 Initial consultation to set goals, targets and get all the necessary details to design everything specific to you...

Movement assessment to identify strength, weaknesses & imbalances that will help design appropriate program...

Work assessment to see we're you current fitness level is and which direction you need to take on it... 

Periodized training program designed specifically for you from the info gathered...

Nutrition programming for fuel, growth, repair and of course body composition goals

lifestyle improvement component whereby areas needing improved will have tasks set to do so...

High level accountability via coach results monitoring via app every 1-2 days...

Full online support available at all times

All round flexibility where things can be changed as needed at anytime to suit sudden lifestyle changes or areas aren't working..


Zoom progress consultations every 4 weeks


The cost for 3 months is £500 or £200 per month...