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"I've focused on losing weight and improving shape for years but Andy taught me to train and eat a little better more consistently and I've seen massive improvements especially in my strength and shape.. as a result I'm more confident navigating the gym and choosing routines!"..

Julie McDonald
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"Andy helped me sort out my eating and massively improve my fitness and body shape following his programs"..

John Morgan
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Andys classes and programs have really helped me stay in shape and the variety keeps it interesting... His knowledge of fitness is excellent and continually helps me get stronger and fitter!...

Gianluca Demelas
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"Being super busy and working several jobs I find it difficult to stay on track even though I'm a fitness professional i still need guidance myself!.. Andy's programs and coaching has helped me massively and would highly recommend him!"...

Sharon Mcghee
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"I get very lazy at times but Andy's classes and programs have been great keeping me motivated and focused to keep pushing myself to train and eat better and I definitely can see and feel the results"...

Andrew Carter
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"The thought of the gym and exercise use to scare me but now I love it with Andy's guidance and programs I cant believe the transformation not just physically but my attitude towards fitness and health also!.. Would highly recommend!"

Elaine Sinnamon
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"Amazing coaching and guidance from Andy has helped me gain fitness a d shape up and now I'm running marathons and can train regular instead of very random with little gains.. I'm now focusing on building more strength and 100% confident Andy will guide me to my goals"...

Scott Middlesworth
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"Cant recommend Andy enough!... I was petrified to go anywhere near a gym but now I'm never out of it and even compete in  Olympic lifting and any other fitness events going!... Andy has coached me to stay consistent and keep pushing onwards in my journey!.. I am very confident navigating the gym now and mindful of what I eat thanks to Andy and as you can see my body shape has transformed"..

Jill McMenemy
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I've learned loads from Andy since I started following his programs and take his guidance on nutrition and proper technique as I'm getting older I found it difficult to break old training habits and try something new... So glad I did because I've managed to change shape and build more strength than ever before and feel great!.. I'd recommend Andy to anyone especially if your trying to build strength and follow a quality program that keeps you guessing and excited to train!...

Javid Parvez
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Started working with Andy to improve my health and shape whilst on my weight loss journey and by applying what he coa hes for strength and fitness I have seen massive improvements that I bever thought id acheive!... I keep working in my strength mostly with Andy and he has helped me build up and improve my confidence in the gym!

Jeannette Cooney
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